How to Delete Your Saved Passwords from Any Browser

While logging in to your Gmail, Facebook, or any other account, a popup appears on the screen, asking you whether you want to save your password. This could be a useful feature when you’re opening new accounts on your device. Once you save the password for an account, you’ll not be asked again to provide the password. Just select your account and password will be filled automatically. Sometimes, when using a public device, by mistake, you may choose to save the password. You would want to remove your password. Here is how to delete your saved passwords from any browser.

How to delete saved passwords from Google Chrome

These steps work on Chrome desktop browser

1.    Open the browser if it is already not.

2.    Click the ‘More’ icon located at the top right corner of the browser interface.

3.    Go down in the menu and choose ‘Settings.’

4.    Under Settings, go to the bottom of the page and click on blue color ‘Show advanced settings…’ text.

5.    Locate Passwords and forms heading then click on ‘Manage passwords.’ The entire saved password list appears on the next page.

6.    Go through the remembered password list or use the ‘Search passwords’ field to find out the password you want to remove.

7.    When you find the password, hover the cursor over it and click the ‘X’ button to delete the password.

This will remove that password if you want to remove more passwords, repeat the same process. If you want to delete all the remembered passwords from Chrome, you can clear browsing data.

How to delete saved passwords from Safari

It’s simple to clear the remembered passwords from Safari browser. Use the below steps to remove remembered passwords from your browser.

1.    Bring up the ‘Safari’ menu.

2.    From the menu, select ‘Preferences.’

3.    Open the ‘Autofill’ tab.

4.    Click the ‘Edit’ option for Passwords and Usernames.

5.    Select and delete the entry corresponds

Steps to delete the saved password from Safari iOS:

1.    From your iPhone or iPad home screen, open ‘Settings.’

2.    Under Settings, tap on ‘Safari.’

3.    Select ‘Passwords & AutoFill’ from the GENERAL section.

4.    Then tap on ‘Saved Passwords.’

5.    Now, you’ll see your entire saved password on the screen.

6.    Tap ‘Edit’ at the top.

7.    Select the password you want to remove; you can choose one or all to delete.

8.    After selecting, hit the red ‘Delete’ button.

All the saved passwords will be removed. Now you have to type the password while logging in.

How to delete saved passwords from Mozilla Firefox

From Firefox Settings, you can easily remove the passwords you saved while logging in. Here is how.

1.    Click the ‘Hamburger’ button at the top right corner of the browser interface.

2.    Click on ‘Gear’ (Preferences) icon in the menu.

3.    Now, open ‘Security’ tab from the left column.

4.    Click on ‘Saved Logins…’ button to open the password manager window.

5.    Go through the remembered password list or use the ‘Search passwords’ field to find out the password you want to remove.

6.    When you find a password to remove, select it by clicking on it.

7.    Then click ‘Remove’ button at the bottom of the box to remove the selected password.

8.    If you want to delete all passwords at once, click the ‘Remove All’ button next to ‘Remove’ button.

9.    Click ‘Yes’ when asked to confirm and proceed.

This will remove the passwords you’ve chosen to remove. Now, when you log in to your account, you’ll be asked to enter the password.

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