How to Make the Most Out of Powerbeats Pro

Are you planning to buy the new Powerbeats Pro? Well, the brand-new Powerbeats Pro provides all that the famous AirPods do. However, they are designed for individuals who are more active. These water-resistant earphones come with Apple’s H1 chip and can be paired easily. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of Powerbeats Pro.

Tips and Tricks to Improve your Powerbeats Pro Experience

  • Add a custom name

Similar to AirPods, Powerbeats Pro also allows you to rename it. They will be assigned a default name the first time you connect them with your phone. If you want to assign a different name for them, then here’s what you need to do.

  1. From your iOS device, open the Settings app.
    1. Select the Bluetooth option.
    2. Choose Powerbeats Pro.
    3. Go to Name.
    4. Add a new name for your Powerbeats Pro.
  2. Check the battery percentage

Have you been working out to your workout playlist for a long which and are wondering whether the Powerbeats Pro is about to discharge or not? Well, it is easy to see how much battery is remaining even when you are using your Powerbeats Pro.

Control Center

  1. Firstly, just visit the Control Center.
    1. Now, hit the Play via option located in the control panel for Now Playing.
    2. After that, just see how much battery is remaining.

Lock Screen

  1. First, you have to ensure that the Batteries widget is added to the Lock Screen.
    1. Then, slide right-wards on the Lock Screen.
    2. Now, you can see the battery percent of Powerbeats Pro.
  2. Check the battery juice while charging the headphones

Well, are you recharging your Powerbeats Pro and want to see how much they have charged? Well, you do not have to take them out of the case to see their charge. Just place your iOS device near the headphones and then open its charging case. On your phone, a prompt will appear displaying the present battery percentage of your headphones.

  • Activate Siri without the wake word

At times you may not want to activate Siri by saying the wake word – Hey, Siri. Well, you can trigger the voice assistant without using your voice. You just have to press the Play button for 3 seconds, and Siri will get activated.

  • Connect with your Android phone

Well, you can pair your headphones with your Android device. You simply have to open its case when its next to your phone and then open the Bluetooth settings on the Android. In case your Powerbeats Pro is connected to another device, then just put them in their case and press the button located on it and hold down until the status light becomes flickering white.

  • Physical Controls

The earbuds not only come with volume controls but they also have a button for triggering Siri and controlling media playback. When you long press on the Beats logo button, Siri gets activated. With a single tap, you can play or pause the playback. Double tapping helps you in skipping the track. To go to the previous track, press the button thrice.

  • Change tips

Your Powerbeats Pro will come with four ear tips. They vary in sizes, and the mid-sized one is set by default, but you can easily change it. To enhance the fitting, you can put the smaller tips or, the bigger ones. Since the ear hook is quite flexible, it can bend easily and stays in position without any pressure.

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