How to Use Master YouTube TV

YouTube TV of Google is a  fantastic contender for the people who would like to ditch classical cable TV. YouTube offers several channels and YouTube TV is an amazing alternative.

How and where can you use YouTube TV?

It can be used almost anywhere. It is a Google’s take on a live TV streaming service. However it is comparatively new, it is on the verge of quickly becoming a prominent contender and competitor to the facilities such as the DirecTV Now and Sling TV. Not similar to those services but it doesn’t come from the company with a history in the television. It got launched in 2017. Several features are there, but the service has restricted channel lineup compared to some of the competitors.

Personalise the live guide

You can quickly get cluttered with the channels and the shows that you barely watch. Following a few taps, you may change the order or flat out the channels.

  1. Go to YouTube TV.
  2. Choose the Live tab.
  3. Choose Sort>Custom.
  4. Click at red checkmark to declutter the channel from the view of customers.
  5. Drag, drop each of the visible channels and reorder them to chosen list.
  6. Channel list of the custom syncs among the devices as far as you have chosen the Custom list.

Family sharing

YouTube account can be shared with up to 5 different people. Each of the person you share your account with may set up his or her list of favourites, set up the alerts and the DVR library.

Start the setup process for the Family Sharing by merely going to the YouTube TV app, choosing profile photo>Setings>Family Sharing.

The Library.

When you view a show’s page in YouTube TV app. You will see a bell with a plus icon. Click the bell for a push alert on the smartphone every time show is available. With the ‘+’ icon, start recording new episodes. Worry not about managing the DVR, YouTube TV. You are free to add required and desirable shows. Skip the commercials

Talking of the DVR, if you are watching something, then you can easily skip the commercials. Controls are identical to YouTube’s on a touchscreen device. Tap the right side of the screen twice to skip 15 seconds.


Take the help of the ‘built-in search tool’ not just to search and shows to the library but also search movies. Some of them are on demand available. It allows you to add videos to account DVR so that watch a movie after coming back.

The Dark Mode

A Dark Mode is there for the YouTube TV that is available on demand. There are some other devices and apps like the Apple TV that use dark mode by default. If you want to enable the dark mod on the system while taking help of the ‘YouTube TV’, tap on the ‘profile icon’ and Dark Theme. Now, tap ‘switch to turn Dark Theme to On’.

You can even make it child-friendly

Want to save your kids from the scattered malcontent. Enable the filter if you’re going to restrict a specific material for the older audience. Go to the YouTube TV app and choose profile icon then Settings then Filter. Switch the toggle button to ON.

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