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Microsoft Office software is very convenient to maintain all the documents on your Windows or Mac computer. MS Office is a robust toolset that aids people in unleashing their best ideas, getting stuff done, and staying connected from anywhere. Just get Office setup to gain a personalized experience and all the latest Office apps, containing newly updated and improved features.If you want to download, install and activate with the 25-digit alphanumeric Office activation key, click on the website link

How to download Microsoft Office setup?

Follow the steps mentioned below to download the Microsoft Office software to make your work more creative on your computer:

  • Open the internet browser.
  • After that, go to
  • Click on the "Shop Office Products" from your page.
  • After that, click on the webpage of the Office product, which meets your system requirements.
  • You need to find the Office setup.
  • Otherwise, use the text field.
  • It is located at the top right-hand side of the site.
  • You need to check whether your system supports the Microsoft Office software.
  • Read the product description.
  • After choosing the Microsoft Office setup, press on the Buy Now and Download option.
  • You will get this option under the name of the Microsoft Office setup.
  • You can make an Office account.
  • Do you want to log in to your Microsoft Office account? You need to type the email ID and password of the Microsoft account by going to the login page.
  • To make a Microsoft account, click on the No account exists option.
  • Otherwise, press on the Create a new one option.
  • Once you have logged in to the Office account, click to get the Microsoft Office product.
  • Through this link, you can download the Microsoft Office setup to the system.
  • The Office setup gets downloaded in the default Downloads folder.

How to install Microsoft Office setup?

The installation procedure can be completed after going through the download procedure. Here are the steps mentioned below to finish this procedure on your system:

  • Choose the method mentioned below to access the Microsoft Office setup on your computer:
  1. Place the compact disk of Office setup in the computer and follow the guidelines on the screen.
  2. Click on the default folder where you have downloaded the Office setup.
  3. Choose the Microsoft Office setup by pressing twice on it.
  4. Then, press on the Yes option.
  5. Press on the Next button.
  6. Otherwise, click the Continue option.
  7. Now, you will get a new menu on the system.
  8. Type the 25-digit alphanumeric Office product key.
  9. After that, press on the Next option.
  10. Check the End User License Agreement.
  11. Select the box given next to the "I accept the terms of this License Agreement" option.
  12. Now, the installation process of the Microsoft Office gets started on the system.
  13. You need to wait until the installation process gets completed on the system.
  14. After finishing the installation procedure, press on the Finish option.

How to activate Microsoft Office setup?

Complete the activation procedure by entering the 25-digit alphanumeric product key at its official site. Here's how:

  • First, go to the Microsoft Office software on your computer.
  • After that, press on the Activate Now option.
  • Select the "I want to activate the software over an internet connection" on the Activation window shown on display.
  • Press on the Next option.
  • Then, the official Office page gets open on the desktop.
  • Press on the Next button.
  • Type the 25-digit alphanumeric Office activation code in the given section.
  • Press on the Activate button.
  • After that, the activation procedure of the Microsoft Office gets completed on the system.