Best DAW Controller Apps

Smartphones have now started working as a remote control for your PC. Simply put, you can now control your PC with the help of your smartphone. If you want to control your digital audio workstation software with the help of your smartphone, you can take advantage of the best DAW controller apps mentioned below. The DAW controller apps below allow you to control your digital audio workstation in an easy way. You can control mixer, plugins, and various other features using these DAW controller apps. Just take a look at the best DAW controller apps.

Cubase iC Pro

Cubase IC Pro is one of the best DAW controller apps. This great DAW controller app gives you complete power to control your digital audio workstation with the help of your smartphone. This app lets you control the mixer, project panel, and other features. You can easily control your digital audio workstation with the help of Cubase iC Pro. Using this application is simple. It has been designed with the users’ requirements in mind. It supports almost all Cubase commands so that you don’t have to face any difficulty while using it. If you are looking for a great DAW controller app, you can try out Cubase iC Pro. It sells for $17.

Logic Remote

Logic remote is yet another effective DAW controller app that you can use if you work on Logic Pro. Logic Remote is considered to be an excellent controller for Logic Pro. The great thing to say about Logic Remote is, it is absolutely free. Logic Remote needs Bluetooth to work. You can use Logic Remote in order to adjust the parameters, control mixer, and plugins. If you work on Logic Pro, this may be a great option for you. The user interface of this DAW controller app is neat and clean.


Now is the time to have a look at Conductr. Conductr is a superb DAW controller app. If you work on Ableton Live, you may find Conductr very useful. The superb DAW controller lets you control Ableton Live in via your smartphone. The user interface of Conductr appears both elegant and professional. It allows you to control the mixer, parameters, VST plugins, etc. It can be connected via USB cable. If you are looking for a brilliant controller app for Ableton Live, Opting for Conductr may be a wise decision.

DAW Control

Whether you are a Cubase user or an Ableton lover, you will surely find this controller app useful for you. It was primarily designed for Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Later, it saw some major improvements and now it works with almost all digital audio workstation software. The user interface of DAW Control looks so professional that you can’t help but appreciate it. It works with FL Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, and Logic Pro. If you want to get it, you may have to pay $5. It is really good at this price. You won’t find such an awesome DAW controller app for this price anywhere.

LK-Live Controller

Are you looking for a great DAW controller app that works like a MIDI controller and lets you play loops, control parameters, etc? If your answer to the question is yes, you can try out the LK-Live Controller. This DAW controller app works great with Ableton Live. This may prove helpful to you during live performance. You can use this controller app as a MIDI controller. You will be able to play loops with the help of this fantastic app. When it comes to the user interface of LK-Live Controller, it is really good beyond words. It costs $25.

The purpose of the list was to make you familiar with the best DAW controller apps.

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