How to Fly a Boat in Fortnite

The virtual world of video games often makes possible things, whether it is shooting enemies in outer space or flying a car. After the arrival of the Doomsday event in Fortnite, it has immersed the Fortnite world into water. Landscapes, forests, mountains all of them are submerged into water. Thus, boats are the prime vehicle for roaming across the world map of Fortnite. However, let’s get back to the word impossible; now, after this event, gamers can fly the boats. It is true, and players are super-excited to fly through the boats. The process is a bit complicated, and that’s why gamers are facing difficulty finding it. Below we have provided a proper workaround for flying a boat in Fortnite. We advise the players to read it carefully to avoid making any mistakes.

Fortnite: How to Fly a Boat

It has been a week since the Doomsday event of Fortnite has arrived. Gamers who have fun playing the Fortnite in the water should start playing it more often as it is about to be wrapped up soon. Thus, the players who are willing to fly a boat in Fortnite need to be aware of this, and they must accomplish flying the boat as soon as possible.

There are several prerequisite things that gamers have to collect for flying the boats. One of the essential items required to accomplish the task of flying the boats is Grappler, Choppa, and a boat. Once gamers successfully find all the prerequisite things, then they need to add two players to their lineup because it is a task that requires at least three players. Gamers can invite their friends or random people to join them in this task. Once gamers have successfully decided the two players, then they need to designate tasks for everyone; one player must control Choppa while others control the boat, whereas the third player needs to control Grappler.

Once the third player has tied the boat with Choppa through Grappler, the player who controls the Choppa needs to fly it. Soon after a few seconds, the gamers will find the boat in the sky. Gamers can utilize this activity to see the shadow of gigantic sharks over the surface of the water. However, handling the Grappler and Choppa requires experience, so the gamers should handle those tasks to veteran gamers. Several veteran players have shared the picture of gigantic sharks from flying boats. However, they haven’t shared or brief anything relevant to catching those fish, but still, once you can encounter them, then catching them becomes simpler than that.


This article contains information about the Doomsday event of Fortnite. In this article, we have mainly focused on the flying boat activity that comes with the Doomsday event. We have provided steps to fly a boat in Fortnite Season 2, and we believe that gamers will surely be able to accomplish it. We hope players will find this article useful.

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