How To Share Your Skype Screen

Sharing your Skype screen while making video calls is not as difficult as it sounds. Majority of users still do not know how to share their Skype screen, and if you are one of the users who do not know it either, then you have come to the right place. I know screen sharing on Skype sounds quite technical and intimidating, but it is not really. Skype is better for group chats with friends and colleagues and is ideal for online business conferences or meetings. The article consists of detailed steps on how you can share your Skype screen without any difficulty.

Here are the steps for sharing your Skype screen:

1.    Open Skype on your Mac or Windows desktop or laptop connected with an Internet connection.

2.    After that, go to the Skype call window, and there appears a Share screen option.

3.    Besides this, if you are using the latest version of Skype, then you should have the sharing screen option available at the bottom right of the call window.

4.    By clicking on the sharing screen option, it will ask you to confirm the screen sharing.

5.    By confirming, Skype will automatically start your screen sharing with other users you are on call with.

Video calling quality on Skype depends on the strength of internet network your device is connected with. So make sure to have a good Internet connection to experience high-resolution video calling on Skype.

How To Share Skype Application Window

Skype supports both Mac or Windows system and looks quite similar on both of them. Sharing application window is an option when you are not comfortable with sharing the entire screen of your system or laptop. If you do not want to share the entire screen, then there is a second-best option available to sort out the issue. Just share one application window at a time and not the full screen of your device.

Below are the steps on how you can share only one window on Skype rather than the entire screen:

1.    Click on the Share screen option after opening Skype.

2.    Give confirmation by clicking on the confirm button. After that, choose the dropdown menu and click on the Share application window.

3.    Select the desired window you want to choose and click on it.

4.    After choosing the window, you are willing to share, click on the start sharing option available.

How To Share Skype Screen For Business

Skype is one of the best options for online business meetings and conferences. Besides this, it is a great place where you can give presentations and make business deals by sitting in front of your system’s camera. Many of the business professionals haven’t learnt yet how to deliver business presentations on Skype just by sitting at a different place.

 Here are the steps on how you can share screen on Skype for business:

1.    First of all, click on the monitor icon available at the bottom of the call window.

2.    There come several different options like present desktop, Present programs, and many more that provide you options on what type of presentation you are willing to deliver.

3.    Choose from the options and you are good to proceed.

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